In the civilized world bodybuilding long been used as a universal instrument for the maintenance of health. However, in our country it is surrounded by lots of absurd legends which are baseless fabrications far from sports people. Above all, this sport surrounded by time-servers and profane, bringing in his confusion and confusing people. Bodybuilding helps , fat - to lose weight, the weak - to become strong, and women may be the way to finding a beautiful, trim figure, and perform all these people will be the same exercise -. That is the universality of bodybuilding General maximum speed is about 1.5 kg per month. In this figure can be expected to beginners in the first few months of training, observing all the rules of a successful set of muscles. Limiting the growth of muscles shrink up to about 5 kg per year or less. To accelerate muscle growth are, competent training, plenty of rest and, if necessary, anabolic steroids, but about it later. The average person without the use of a variety of specific drugs capable of exercising to increase more than 15 kg of muscle. This may take 3-5 years, and then the potential of the body is exhausted. Further growth will be possible only with the use of anabolic steroids. If you have excess body fat is a sport do not need to diet. Safe eviction fat should not exceed 1 kg a month, or to begin a health problem. The opinion that the fat can "make" muscles incorrectly. Gym achieve complete muscle development can only be exercising in the gym, which has all the necessary equipment. Work at home with primitive equipment - it's about how to repair the car in the garage, not in the modern service station. Of course, this is better than no exercise, but if you put in front of a big goal, need appropriate training conditions. Certainly not in every town (village) has all the necessary equipment, but the bar with a set of pancakes should be everywhere. For a complete workout you need to have the minimum rounds: Rod with a full set of pancakes, various weights (light, medium, heavy), horizontal and inclined bench, rack, beam, bars, chair presses sitting on exercise equipment as possible. And most importantly - the enthusiasm and desire. Without wishing motivation and all light becomes heavy. Basic exercises Members need only basic comprehensive circuits, regardless of their physical form or size. You must resist the urge to train primary isolated body parts or test advanced training schemes.

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